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Current Sawmill and Woodlot Issue September October 2020

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Publisher's Letter - On Sticking Together

To Sawmill & Woodlot readers, writers, advertisers, Facebook followers—whatever your level of connection with us may be—we want you to know how much we appreciate your participation with us and the sawmill and woodlot community. Thank you for sticking with us and sticking together through these tough times and know that we plan to keep interest- ing and informative content coming your way. If there is a special topic or story you’d like us to cover, just e-mail me at [email protected] Enjoy the issue and take a walk in the woods.

Additional Articles and Columns

Harvesting Systems - Matching the RIGHT CREW with the RIGHT EQUIPMENT to your project is the first key to SUCCESSFUL HARVESTING

Each system has a place in forest management, and matching the system to the project is a good place to start.

Here in the Northeast, we have three major types of harvesting systems, each with problems and benefits. With our diveristy of terrain, ownerships, and silvicultureal systems, there is room for every method. ...

How To Break Down Timbers - Without Breaking the Bank

The road to profibility can get murkey when customers want high volumes of think boards because each cut costs time and money.

Is Automation Sometimes a Better Option than Manual Labor?

With automation, jobs aren't always lost, and sometimes more exiciting jobs are created.

Stack It Up! Stacking Lumber for Drying

Once lumber has been sawn, it is either stacked in bundles for immedate sale or it is stacked in individual layers with stackers as spaces between the layers for drying -- air trying, shed drying, predrying, and/or kiln drying. Stacking for drying must be done carefully to avoid creating warp or other drying-related defects to avoid losing quality or usefulness in the eyes of the customer.

More Than a Pretty Face: Landscapes That Work

If landscaping isn't your thing, or if your plant beds are an afterthrought, perhaps you've just never thought of landscaping as something functional. As is the case with the woodlot, a landscape shouldn't just look pretty, but rather should bring some level of utilitarian value to the property owner.

Woodpecker News

U.S. Home construction, the price of lumber, another hurricane, and adaptability in the face of the pandemic.

The Paul Bunyan Show

October 1-3, 2021
Guernsey Co. Fairgrounds
Cambridge, Ohio

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[email protected]

Ask Your Questions and Sawmill & Woodlot authors will answer them for you. This issue's answers to readers' questions on cracks in wood, sawdust allergies, and rotating solar kilns are from Gene Wengert.

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