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Current Sawmill and Woodlot Issue July 2017

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Publisher's Letter - Making Plans

Grilling Planks and More!

FLAME Grilling Products keeps over a dozen local contract sawyers busy cutting grilling planks-all running Thomas sawmills.

To Cut or Not to Cut? Part 4

In this final installment of the four-part series, we will cruise through the range of silvicultural options.

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Send Us Your Questions and our writers will answer them. Answers to this issue's solar drying questions provided by Gene Wengert.

Other Editorial

The Vermont Elm

When one of the largest remaining elm trees in New England died, a partnership formed to give the tree new life as custom furniture, with a percentage of the sales proceeds supporting research to breed elms that are resistant to Dutch elm disease.

Appropriate Technology on the Woodlot - What is It?

Appropriate Technology means doing as much as you can with as little as possible. If you do not have and cannot borrow what you need to do a job, you do the best you can with what you have.

Risks and Cures in Summer Weather

It is important to consider what the summer heat and humidity might do to your logs and lumber.

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