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Current Sawmill and Woodlot Issue October November 2016

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Publisher's Letter - Not To Be Missed!

As we approach the end of 2016, there are still many Sawmill & Woodlot items "not to be missed."

How Crafting a Business Plan Helped Vermont Tree Goods

John Monks wanted to honor Vermont's heritage trees by turning them into beautiful objects, rather than seeing them end in a landfill or a chipper. He also had to make a living, so, with a consulting grant from the Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program, he crafted a business plan that helped him do both.

Selling - Don't Take It For Granted!

It's a mistake to focus your business strategy solely on the production side. To be profitable your firm needs to sell your product or service on an ongoing basis.

Let's Face It - Reading The Log's Face

Some sawyers need direction in analyzing a log's face after sawing begins-so here it is.

Other Editorials

Baker Products

Baker Products is well known for its manufacture of a range of sawmills, from its small manual EZ mill to the high-production Dominator, but do you know the history of the company?

Rehabilitation Silviculture

The overall strategy is to improve productivity of the area by removing mature or unaccept- able growing stock, releasing acceptable growing stock or regeneration, and creating regeneration where acceptable growing stock is sparse or absent.

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